Important Dates

Pre-Conference Preparation Date
Abstract submission (max. 350 words / 1 page) 20 June 2023
Notification of acceptance to present (in-person or virtually) or to publish only 20 June – 15 July 2023
Deadline for submitting a revised abstract (1 page / max. 350 words) 10 July 2023
Notification of acceptance or rejection of revised abstracts 15 July 2023
Opening of online registration to attend (audience), present/publish, present only or to publish only (authors of accepted abstracts only) 15 July 2023
Publication Plan: The Proceedings (optional) Date
Invitation to submit (optional) an extended abstract (based on the accepted short abstract), i.e. a short proceedings paper (max. 5 pages using this Template) 20 June – 15 July 2023
Deadline for submission of extended abstracts (short proceedings papers) 10 August 2023
Peer review process 10 August – 10 September 2023
Final Notification of acceptance to publish in the proceedings 10 September 2023
Signature of the Springer Consent-to-Publish Form 10 November 2023
Submission to Springer of the proceedings after English revision (free-of-charge) of accepted papers 10 December 2023
Typesetting, proofreading, corrections and production of the EMCEI-5 proceedings by Springer 31 January 2024 – 30 April 2024
Online publication of the proceedings in the Springer ASTI Book Series (indexed in Scopus) 01 May 2024
Conference Preparation & Plan Date
Deadline for online registration to attend/present or to publish only at the EMCEI-5 31 July 2023
Deadline for payment as confirmation of participation to present and/or to publish (see payment rates on Registration) 31 August 2023
Conference days 02 to 05 October 2023
Publication Plan: The Special Issues Date
Invitation (after the conference) to submit in the special issues 10 November 2023
Deadline to submit the full paper to the special issues (see partner journals on Publications) 31 March 2024
Publication of the full special issues (however, papers will appear online as soon as accepted) 31 December 2024